My city

Proudly made in Jordan, "My City" is a unique stickers-based game that offers an open-ended experience for children to build their own city, design their streets, and narrate their stories about Amman. With culturally sensitive illustrations that kids can relate to and associate with, "My City" provides a canvas for limitless creativity and imagination. There is no one way to play with "My City" – get creative and show us what you can do!


Built to entertain, designed to educate: “My City” helps develop children's skills. Although we believe that playing for fun is the ultimate goal of childhood, we are happy to share with you how “My City” can enhance your kids’ abilities.


Imagination and Creativity

This activity is designed to give kids the chance to build and rebuild different designs, and to apply their problem-solving skills. It encourages them to explore different narrations and scenarios. With a chance to expand their knowledge and skills, “My City” focuses on imagination as a driver for creativity. It serves as a mental canvas for innovative ideas. It invites kids to create new stories and entertain endless possibilities which activates their lateral thinking.

Skills in focus:

  • Logical thinking skills such as sorting, matching and comparing
  • Graphic and color recognition


Using clipboards, papers, and pencils allows children to draw and write about their ideas. This helps expand the way their brains engage with information.


Social and emotional development skills

Promoting self confidence, decision making and resilience: “My City” helps enhance decision making skills by giving the children options and possibilities to explore. They will gain confidence in their ability to create, as they realise that they can contribute to and make their own designs, they will gain confidence in their abilities to try new things.

Skills in focus:

Collaboration, communication and understanding other people’s perspectives through sharing ideas, negotiating rules, and building empathy.


Invite kids to film the scenarios they create with the kit, and share the stories with their friends. Celebrate their achievements!


Cognitive development skills:

  • Thinking and planning

As a memory and matching game “My City” develops patience and memory skills. Children search for the items in the sheet, and if guided to do so, can locate them in real life.The kit keeps kids engaged and focused on the enjoyable and intriguing task, thereby enhance their ability to concentrate.

  • Understanding the world

“My City” fosters comprehension of the environment, encouraging curiosity about cities and their components, aiding the children's development of social skills and cognitive abilities that are essential for navigating their surroundings. It engages children in answering questions like: What is a city? What is it made of? How do I relate to it? Where do the cars go? Where do I place the streets?

  • Important mathematical concepts

Children will use vocabulary linked to spatial reasoning such as below, on top, next to, besides, above. They will measure their design, talk about how big, long, and wide their city needs to be. They can compare the size of buildings to people and items.

Skills in focus:

Spatial thinking: Understanding the size of the elements and the space they would take on the game board.  Patterns can be recognized, built, and designed with various outcomes.


Use story narration to engage children's imagination. You can ask questions such as "Why is the policeman following that car?”, “Why is the girl riding her scooter here?”, and “Can we have a tree in the sky?”


Promoting language skills:

“My city” helps expand vocabulary proficiency by introducing object names as well as new concepts. This provides opportunities for multilingual learning. It also enhances storytelling abilities and expression through scenario creation and narration. For example, understanding the differences between a kiosk and a shop, a street and a roundabout, and a car and a truck.


Create lists of new words to keep track of your vocabulary expansion


Physical Skills:

Placing and peeling off stickers helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, improving precision and control.